15 February, 2021

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Water Leak Remediation - Rayleigh, Essex

Project Overview

Following a prolonged and undetected water leak from a dishwasher in our client's property; an extensive remediation project was required on the kitchen, dining room and downstairs WC of our client's property.

Work completed by CEFO CMS:

  • Strip-out old kitchen
  • Take up floor in kitchen and dining room
  • Strip-out downstairs WC
  • Remove tiled flooring with underfloor heating
  • Relay new flooring throughout dining room and kitchen
  • Refit new kitchen
  • Re-tile WC walls/floor and refit sanitary ware
  • Redecoration
  • Construction of brick slip wall

Having carried out the necessary preparation and stripping works, the dryers were initiated for a period of six weeks to ensure the property was ready for refit by the CEFO CMS team.

The Works

Following the kitchen strip-out, it proved that the damp had spread into the downstairs WC and that a thorough process of drying would have to be carried out.

Once stripped the dryers were deployed for a period of six weeks to completely dry the walls and surrounding areas.

On 23rd December 2020, drying was complete, allowing CEFO CMS to commence the fit out of new floor and kitchen, including all plumbing and electrical services (inc isolator switches, wiring and trunking).

The Result

The works were completed to the highest of standards and quality. Excellent communication with the client was ensured at all stages of the project, to make sure they were fully appraised of options.

Client’ Comments

“The builders working on my property were knowledgeable, polite, friendly and considerate. My OCD meant that even the smallest inconsistency had to be rectified. I also changed my mind often meaning some of the works needed to be removed and started again.

Additional support for cabinets were added where required as my 100-year-old house had no straight walls and poor quality bricks, but Lee’s team were able to use their experience to ensure that the kitchen looked amazing…and straight!

I would recommend CEFO CMS for any building work if you require a professional job, great communication and very honest, skilled and flexible people. They were genuinely more concerned with our happiness with the work than they were about leaving on time.

Often the team would stay after hours to complete a piece of work to ensure the rest of the project ran to time.

A huge thanks to Lee Grimwood, who managed the project and ensured we were informed throughout the project. His honesty was valued and appreciated, even when the conversation was difficult. He even worked on the tools to ensure the work was completed.

I would be happy to speak to any prospective client interested in using CEFO CMS for works to their property.”

Mike G

Rayleigh, Essex


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